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Utah Islamic Center is a member of the Utah Hilal Committee. Based on the criteria of Global Moon Sighting, UIC has agreed to follow the confirmed moon sightings in Saudi Arabia and other countries. Friday, April 24th will be the first day of Ramadan. Below, please find the UIC Ramadan prayer timetable.

Ramadan Nightly Tafseer Sessions with Imam Shuaib (starting April 25 @ 9:15 pm): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGsZ4r9k8iydtG2L8Vjd3g?view_as=subscriber Linked is a sign-up sheet that will reserve you and your family a spot to see our New Mosque – Masjid Fatima. This will offer you the opportunity to pray your first prayer in the New Masjid in the month of Ramadan. Each participant of the tour will receive Iftar and a sumptuous meal hosted courtesy of UIC. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Please sign up using this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0e4fa4ac2aa6fb6-ramadan1 From all of us at Utah Islamic Center, Ramadan Kareem!

Donation for The
Construction of New Mosque

Iqamah Timings

Friday/Jumma Prayer

Juma I – 12:30 P.M
Juma II – 1:30 P.M
All year long.

This is what our completed Masjid will look like

We are close to the finish line, but we need funds.

Please make check payable to: Utah Islamic Center

And mail to: Utah Islamic Center
PO Box 0035
Sandy, UT. 84091-0035

If you would like to give Qard Hasana (loan) to UIC please contact.
Br. Nadeem @ 801-949-4423

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Utah’s largest mosque is taking shape, complete with ‘female friendly’ features

A new mosque with a surprisingly original look and feel is rising in West Jordan.

Its domes will be pyramidlike triangles, rather than the spheres most common to mosques. The women’s section will be nearly equal in size and on the same floor as the men’s, separated only by a glass door.

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Recent Construction Video

Ask the Imam

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(UIC - Eid Announcement)

As salam u alikum, Dear Muslim Community members
The Utah Hilal Committee, of which UIC is a member of, has decided based on confirmed sighting reports in Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Mauritania, that today (Friday) is the last day of Ramadan and tomorrow Saturday May 23rd is Eid-ul-Fitr. EID MUBAREK!
We will be having Eid prayers following the CDC guidelines. If you would like to attend the Eid prayers (Men only) no women or children allowed, then please click on the following link
Those who are praying Eid prayers at home, please follow the prayer method described at the end of this video
If you would like to pay your Zakat-ul-Fitr / Sadaq tul Fitr then please visit our website www.utislamiccenter.org to donate safely and securely.
We continue to remain deeply concerned over the Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting hardship as well as the huge loss of life globally and across the United States. We beg Allah for his assistance and put our trust in his mercy.