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UIC solicits your gracious support & generous contributions toward its operational expenses and towards the Land Project.

He who builds a masjid in the way of Allah, God will build a house for him in paradise

jazaak-allah khair!


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Jul 27, 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

Based upon ISNA' decision and the Crescent being sighted in Mecca Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia and many other countries around the world, Utah Islamic Center (UIC) has decided that Eid will be on Monday July 28th.

Eid Prayer will be held at Classic Fun Center (9151 S 255 W, Sandy, UT - 1 block south of UIC) at 8:30 am. After the Eid prayer Classic Fun Center will be open (Laser tag, blast zone and bouncing and skating area) free of charge to Muslim children, up to 12:00 noon.

Also, there will be an Eid Bazar tonight (Sun Jul 27) at UIC from Maghrib prayer to 10:30 pm. A variety of food, clothes, jewelry and Heena will be available.

UIC Board of Trustees
Jun 29, 2014

UIC Iftaar / Fund Raising Dinner

A huge Thank You to all in the community for participating in the UIC Community Iftar/Dinner on Sunday. With the help of Allah we were able to collect approximately $120,000 during fund raising at the Iftar/Dinner. May Allah bless this community by making the UIC land project, a first step to establish the future Masjid, a success.

Special thanks to a great volunteers team, who spent countless hours to plan and execute this event.

Jun 28, 2014

Ramadan Kareem

The Board of Trustees for Utah Islamic Center has decided that since the Crescent was not sighted anywhere in the world, so we will Insha-Allah be completing days of Shaban.

The first night of Traweeh will be Saturday (June 28th). Isha will be at 10:45 followed by Taraweeh prayers.

The first day of fasting will be Sunday June 29th.

Insha'allah, UIC will host an Iftaar Dinner & a fund raising event for the Land Project on the first day of Ramadan at the Classic Fun Center. Please see Facebook Event for further details.

Ramadan Mubarak

UIC is now on facebook

UIC is now on facebook. To get regular updates from UIC, please us to stay connected!

Seerah Essay Competition for Sunday School

UIC is pleased to announce our annual Seerah Essay Competion.  Every student has been given a subject to research and prepare an essay to share.
Imam Shuaib has listed the following are 2 resources to help assist your child with the Seerah Essay:

Weekly Dars

Imam Shuaib gives his weekly Friday Dars (Lecture & Discussion) at 7:30 pm, which covers Tafseer and Fiqh and your questions and answers. Isha prayer will be lead followed by the Dars.

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Pray at UIC

We, as Muslims, must strive to pray as many of the prayers, if not ALL FIVE prayers at the Masjid, because The Prophet (s.a.w) tells us:

“If people knew the reward in praying Fajr and Isha in congregation, they would go to the mosque even if they had to crawl.”
[Bukhari & Muslim]

“Prayer in congregation is superior to prayer alone by twenty seven degrees.”
[Bukhari & Muslim, from Ibn Umar]

Therefore, we will InshAllah try to apply and put our religion into practice by holding the Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha prayers regularly ON TIME at UIC. Please check the times above to make sure you come on time. The Imam will InshAllah be there to lead the prayers.

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